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What is it?

It's something really common, there is something to celebrate like a birthdate, an anniversary, a degree but no time to prepare anything.


You want to have a pleasant dinner, formal or informal, without having to go to a restaurant where it may be noisy,  or not as cosy and pleasant as it is at home.


Planning the right menu, doing all the shopping, preparing everything, prevent us from organizing dinner parties at home; sometimes we must work in the kitchen throughout dinner, preventing us from enjoying the pleasure of our guests.


Now there is an alternative,  De Italiaanse Thuiskok, your private Italian home cook.



How does it work?

To start with we decide together the menu and the accompanying wines, the location and discuss the type of event (birthday, wedding, a degree or simply a party amongst friends).


De Italiaanse Thuiskok takes care of all the rest, purchases, preparations, cooking, presentation of the dishes, everything that is needed to allow you to fully enjoy the company of your guests.


And at the end you will find the kitchen just as clean as it was before.


What could I eat ?






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