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Questions and answers

Who does the shopping?



It is important that all the ingredients are not only fresh but also adequate for the meal - therefore,  I take care of all the shopping.


Who chooses the menu?  

We decide on the menu together, depending on various elements such as the number of people, type of event, location,, etc...


What about the wines?



We can decide together on the wines  that are best suited for the menu. Wines can be provided by me, unless you prefer to take care of it yourself.


Where do you work?  

I work in and around Amsterdam at a maximum radius of 120km. Over 20 km travelling costs will be charged.


For how many people can you cook?



Anything from a romantic dinner for two to a dinner for 20 or more, depending on the chosen menu.


Am I supposed to do anything?  

When we've decided on the menu, I'll give you all the details, but usually you do not need to do anything other than inviting your guests and laying the table.


Do you also help serving?



I'd love to, but it really depends on the number of people and the work involved in cooking. Cooking and preparing the various dishes is my main priority.


Will my kitchen do?



Usually a standard-size kitchen will do perfectly.

I'll be happy to come over and have a look in the final phase of deciding the menu to see what is needed.


I still have a question...  

Please mail me directly.





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