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Welcome and thank you for your visit.


Something to celebrate but not enought time to prepare?


You desire a fine dinner with some friends without having to go out to a restaurant?


Too many things to do and too little time prevent us from organizing it at home and enjoying the company of our friends. 


Now there is an alternative,  De Italiaanse Thuiskok, your private Italian cook.


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De Italiaanse Thuiskok is your private Italian cook, who, according to the best traditional Italian kitchen, uses first quality ingredients, fresh healthy products and (...)


The menus offer dishes from the Italian tradition as well as more modern dishes.


The idea is to create your tailormade menu together. Something specific for a special eveninig (...)





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As this is different to a normal catering service that you may use,

I have gathered a number of frequently asked questions.


Who chooses the menu?


Who buys the wines?


Where do you cook?


What's the number of people you can cook for?







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